December Celebration

Slow Food Tamaki Makaurau kicked off the holiday season by celebrating Terra Madre Day in collaboration with Pacific Food Lab Aotearoa and AUT’s Master of Gastronomy students. Pacific Food Lab is a non-profit dedicated to bolstering resilient and sustainable food systems in Aotearoa and the Pacific.

We have worked in conjunction with AUT to support community initiatives and education revolving around growing, cooking, and eating local food. It was an afternoon of conviviality and commensality, gathering around food with friends over an alfresco potluck accented by Snail of Approval food.

The theme of this year’s Terra Madre Day was “RegenerAction”. A way to reconnect with the world around us and take action to recover our ecosystems, communities, and our health. We enjoyed a beautiful range of delicious food, taking a moment for each person to share the inspiration behind their dish. This included homegrown vegetables, hand-picked strawberries, family recipes and friendship starters, local products, and holiday favourites.

As the Slow Food country closest to the international date line, we had the distinction of being the first chapter to celebrate Terra Madre Day.


The Snail of Approval products we used were:

Lady Butcher brescola

Foundry Chocolate

Ooooby produce box including cauliflower

Earthbound Honey

Clevedon Buffalo cream cheese

Curious Cropper tomatoes

Learn more about Snail of Approval

Korero – to talk  Kai – food, meal