It is great to back in the real world and celebrating good, clean, fair food for all. Our winter programme includes a workshop collaboration series with Kelmarna  Gardens, a 2021 Slow Food Auckland Snail of Approval recipient. The workshops feature Hannah, The Lady Butcher, Tom, Ao Tiakarete (Chocolate) and Stefania, Pasta e Cuore. We are excited to introduce and support Pacific Cacao and Chocolate 2022 to be held on July 23rd – a debut event that will celebrate the evolution of Pacific Cacao. You can find out more and buy tickets below. Finally our Snail of Approval Dinner at Pasta e Cuore on May 5th was fantastic – check out the photos..

Kelmarna Gardens Workshops

Cooking with the Odd Bits with HANNAH MILLER of A LADY BUTCHER – Book

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Join A Lady Butcher, Hannah Miller in reimagining what can happen to the ‘odd bits’, and learn how to make the most of the whole animal for your next meal. Discover some of the wonders of offal, how it can be used, its beneficial nutrient profile, and work through recipes using lamb raised at Kelmarna Gardens. ​ Experience how to work with and favour the less usual parts, then taste the stunning results. While supplies last, add on a Kelmarna offal pack to your ticket so you can test these recipes for yourself at home.

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate making with TOM HILTON from AO TIAKARETE – Book


Join Tom Hilton of Ao Tiakarete to explore the wonders of chocolate from a uniquely Aotearoa perspective. Learn from this 3 Michelin Star-experienced chocolatier how to use the whole bean, husk to nibs without any waste, using beans from the Pacific and infusing local rongoā-inspired ingredients straight from the garden to craft your own bar of delicious, decadent chocolate. Enjoy a morning tea of coffee and cacao, with the option of hot chocolate prepared à la minute. Coated Pacific cacao beans and Ao Tiakarete chocolates will also be available to purchase after the session.

Pasta making by hand with STEFANIA UGOLINI of PASTA E CUORE – Book


Making Pasta by Hand with STEFANIA UGOLINI of PASTA E CUORE Stefania Ugolini (Pasta e Cuore) Join chef Stefania Ugolini of Pasta e Cuore to get your hands in the mix and learn how to make fresh pasta in the time-honoured tradition of the kitchens and restaurants from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, and bring a container to take home the pasta you make. Learn the importance of quality ingredients, how to mix, knead, and roll, cut basic shapes like tagliatelle, pappardelle, and taglioline, and how pasta should be stored and cooked for best results. Enjoy morning tea and discuss with Stefania the history, tradition, techniques, and pleasures of creating your own pasta by hand and from the heart.


The Pacific Cacao and Chocolate Celebration 2022 is being held on July 23rd at Mount Smart. Our goal is to create a Pacific Cacao Community that drives increased prosperity for farmers, producers, and manufacturers across the Pacific and in Aotearoa, and supports learning, innovation, and growth for all participants. We’ve created something to celebrate everyone who lives and breathes Cacao & Chocolate, through a number of exciting Competitions in our Show: 1) The Farmers – promote your beans, farm, brand & story 2) Craft Chocolate Makers – promote your products, brand & story 3) Consumers and Connoisseurs – expand your knowledge and awareness of sustainable cacao sourcing and the impact it has on your purchases 4) Young Cacao/Food Innovators – you are the future of cacao & chocolate. Join us to be inspired for an amazing career in chocolate, grounded in your knowledge of cacao. To be part of our vision for this show, go to

Snail of Approval Dinner at Pasta e Cuore on May 5th

We kicked off our 2022 Snail of Approval celebrations with an intimate dinner at Pasta and Cuore on May 5th. Owner Stefania and head chef Gabriele created an amazing and authentic Italian feast. It was wonderful to share great food, wine and conversation with our Slow Food members and supporters after so many months of lockdowns and caution. Stefania and Slow Food Auckland are collaborating with Kelmarna Gardens for a “Making Pasta by Hand” workshop on Saturday August 13th – it will pay to get tickets early if you want to participate. A big thank you to Floris from Miss Sunshine Farms in Samoa who gifted us her newest product, Koko Beans made from organic Samoa cacao beans that she grew on her farm – lightly roasted, sugar free chocolate coated cacao beans.