It has been a very different Spring with lockdowns and Covid challenges. So it is fantastic to see people make the best of now and that they are helping the people around them do the same – from supporting our food and hospitality businesses to reaching out to people in need. A big thanks to everyone who has got behind our Snail of Approval recipients – you can check them out here.

Our Spring Newsletter gives you a taste of what we have planned for a freer 2022, introduces @slowfoodaotearoa on Instagram, celebrates a Slow Food Hero making a real difference in lockdown and looks at how Slow Food is making its voice heard at COP26.

Looking ahead

long lunch

Slow Food aims to change the world through food and celebrates the love of food cultures, rituals and traditions. It connects everyone through food that is ethically and locally-grown, produced, prepared and served.

Celebrating local in 2022 will shine the light on the current Slow Food Auckland Snail of Approval recipients and introduce our new Snails. So keep an eye out for some great events and collaborations including the exciting Clevedon Buffalo, Curious Croppers and Giapo event and collaboration in March.

Introducing @slowfoodaotearoa

Snail Tomato

Slow Food in Aotearoa now has an Instagram! This platform is a way for people around the country to connect with the Slow Food movement. Follow @slowfoodaotearoa to keep up with what is happening nationally and globally.

This Instagram account can help to grow the Slow Food movement in Aotearoa, at a time when the mission to ensure everybody has access to good, clean and fair food is more challenging and important than ever. As such a small country, having a nationwide platform is a way of encouraging both urban communities and those who may be isolated from main hubs to get involved. Slow Food Aotearoa is a space for all New Zealanders to feel connected to each other and the global Slow Food movement.

For the first time, a national communications team is being formed to represent Slow Food Aotearoa. The group will reflect what is happening on a local level in a variety of areas, as well as the values of the Slow Food Movement at large. If you would like to be involved or have any ideas to share, please email

A Slow Food Hero

Hangi Rewi Spraggon

Rewi Spraggon (a Slow Food Auckland Snail of Approval recipient) is a man on a mission to bring traditional Hāngi back to mainstream New Zealand. He is celebrating Hāngi Masters past and future and holding true to the ancient art of Hāngi cooking. During lockdown he has been using the power of the Hāngi (to feed community) to provide meals for the homeless in Auckland city. Read the story courtesy of the New Zealand Herald.

Slow Food and COP26

Slow Food Flag and Crowd

“Slow Food is ready to make its voice heard during COP26, together with civil society and young people, because the next world climate conference in Glasgow starting on November 1st must accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,” says Marta Messa, director of Slow Food Europe, announcing the presence of Slow Food at COP26. Food and farming must be part of the solution and no longer a cause of climate change.””

During COP26 Shane Holland, Executive Chairman of Slow Food UK, will formally hand over the signatures to the global Slow Food Climate Action Declaration to the British government, which is hosting the Conference. Holland comments: “The declaration is critical in highlighting that food and farming can be part of the solution and not just a cause of climate change, and that the voices of those less often heard are critical in a transition to a good, clean and fair food system.” more