Members, supporters, the curious, friends and family, children and pets are all welcome.
Join Slow Food Auckland for a relaxed picnic with a purpose.
Bring along some food to share plus a food donation for the Auckland City Mission (see donation details below).

When: Sunday, January 19th from 11 am to 3 pm.
Where: Cornwall Park near the Memorial Steps. (see map)
RSVP: Let us know you are coming – Slowfoodauckland@gmail.com by January 15th.

We want our picnic to be low waste – so let’s try to avoid single use plastics and bring plates, glasses, cutlery etc. from home – we will bring some spares.

Food for thought!
“Thinking and acting Slow is not only possible, but is what gives meaning and value to our existence when faced with the big questions of our time: the climate crisis, the demographic explosion, the enormous growth of cities, poverty, the growing demand for energy, food and water and the possibility of caring for ourselves in a good, clean and fair world”
Mustapha Alusine Moigua
Member of the Slow Food Segbewema Mende Traditional Agroecology Community in Sierra Leone

Auckland City Mission Food Donation Guide
2 x Cans of Baked Beans 420g
2 x Cans Spaghetti 420g
2 x Cans Tomatoes 400g
2 x Canned Vegetables 400g
2 x Canned Soup 420g
3 x Canned Fruit 410g
2 x Canned Meat 160g
2 x Canned Fish 160g
1 x Sauce/cream rice/etc
1 x Jam/Peanut Butter/ Honey/etc
1 x Flour 500g
1 x Sugar 500g
1 x Teabags 30 sachets
1 x Rice 500g
1 x Pasta 500g
1 x Cereal 375-400g
1 x Sausages/Meat 1kg
1 x Margarine 500g
1 x UHT Milk 1 litre
1-2 x Bread (loaves)
1 x Potatoes 1kg
1 x Carrots 1kg
1 x Onions 1kg
1 x Toilet Roll
1 x Soap
1 x Shampoo