The Great Cause – Everybody Eats

Cookies at KaiEverybody Eats is all about feeding people. We rescue food that would otherwise go to landfill and feed it to people on a pay as you feel basis.” Kai: redefining kiwiana –  the fundraiser was amazing!   The Purpose  The Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts at AUT hosted Kai showcasing the values and beliefs they have learned in their degree, and ‘walked the talk’ of the food philosophies they collectively believe in.  The PromiseA 5-course degustation redefining the kiwiana of today. The Verdict
A triumph!” triumph – a very great success, achievement or victory ”  Five courses one great cause The Menu  One – Bring a Plate(eaten and long gone!) Two – Tinned Beetroot    Three – Not Crayfish Again  Four – Sunday Roast  

The vegetarian take!

Five –  Crunchie Bar and Marmite      People

The Year 3 students – our hosts
Gretchen – one of our inspirational students
Sophie Gilmour – EveryBody Eats board member
Enjoying dinner
Anutosh and Wendy from Slow Food Auckland
The final question – Kiwi or Aussie

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