For many years Slow Food Italy has been publishing a guide to traditional, typical and interesting (and for every budget) places to eat and stay, and the guide is also available in English, and if you don’t want to carry the book you can choose the App
I am happy to say that one of these places is about 5 km from my place in Italy, in the village of Vesale (Sestola, MO): Locanda Zita. The location is beautiful and in winter, with snow and Xmas light looks idyllic, but it is the food that it is really worth the trip, and the specialty is mushrooms. 

A discrete Slow Food sticker at the door makes you understand that this is a Slow Food supporter, and by showing your Slow Food card you will receive a discount on the bill (very useful, since I was paying for 7 diners). 
For starters we had crostini with mushrooms cooked in different ways, three types in fact, plus polenta crostini with rags bolognese (for the meat eaters, sorry I only took photos of the mushroom’s ones!). They were delicious and we got about a couple each of each type.

Then came the pasta, we choose spinach and ricotta tortelloni with mushrooms, and tagliatelle with mushrooms (of course all the pasta is made there).

For main we ordered fried mushrooms and grilled mushrooms with roast potatoes and grilled vegetables. In the end we were full and happy but accepted the complimentary cake tastings and liqueurs that are so often offered in this part of Italy, although if I had space I would have loved to try one of their desserts with wild berries.

Of course the Slow Food Guide of Italy, being the oldest, is the most extensive, but there are now many countries who are following suit, like the USA, and the Slow Food Planet App, already covers 20 countries with good, clean and fair places to go to eat and stay. Should we work on New Zealand too?
Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©