This November Menu for Change is all about Cooking Up A Better Future – and Slow Food Auckland is hosting a dinner that celebrates a restaurant  serving 100%  New Zealand food.
You will need to be quick – places are limited and the food is fantastic!

Here are three ways you can Cook Up a Better Future
  • Have one meat free day each week
  • Cook dinners with low impact ingredients such as beans, local cereals, seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Cut down on waste – reuse your left overs
Do you see climate change as something abstract and far-off?
Do you think there’s nothing you can do about it? What if we told you that each and every one of us can make a difference? 

By paying more attention to something very simple, something we make choices around every day, often without realizing it: our food.

From the field to the fork, food production is responsible for a fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions. It’s one of the major causes of global warming. 

Yet our food is also one of the primary victims of climate change. Drought, desertification, floods, sea-level rise and ocean pollution put our food at risk across the world. The poorest parts of the planet are already suffering directly as a result, but the consequences can be felt everywhere: milder winters, the northward shift of tropical pests, meager pastures and frequent, unpredictable, violent weather events. 

The good news is that by changing our food habits, even a little bit, we can contribute to the solution. 
Menu for Change is the first international campaign that links climate change to the production and consumption of food, to promote the change we all need to make, now.

Start today! Join our campaign, eat good, clean and fair, and support Slow Food!

October 16 – November 5
Eat local. For three weeks, choose only local, sustainable and seasonal products

November 6-26
Cook up a better future – promoting a more varied and sustainable menu

November 26 and all of us December
Support Slow Food – even a small donation makes a big difference