Degustation Dinner Fundraiser June 7th 2018 University AUT

Come with us to dinner on June 7th. Everybody Eats – turns “rescued” food into a beautiful “pay what you can afford ” dining experience.

First things first, come with us to the Kai: redefining kiwana degustation dinner on June 7th. Hosted by the third year Bachelor of Arts in Culinary (AUT) students, the dinner is a fundraiser for Everybody Eats. A charity that turns “rescued” food into a beautiful “pay what you can afford” dining experience.

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So, you can see that for Slow Food Auckland, reaching out and supporting the people and projects that reflect our ethos is important in 2018. So is supporting our local producers and encouraging people to engage in the thinking, activities and initiatives that focus on good, clean and fair food for all.

Read on to find out about our 2018 events and the amazing Terra Madre Salon Del Gusto that is being held in Turin in September this year. We will be there!

Degustation Dinner Fundraiser June 2018