Join our Terra Madre Day celebrations and enjoy a beautiful slow picnic.

Terra Madre Day is Slow Food’s annual day to promote the diversity of food traditions and production, and show how our network is using its creativity and knowledge to express our love for the planet and defend the future for the next generations.

Everyone is welcome!

Bring some food to share and something to drink – plus a copy of your recipe for our Picnic Book!
We want to be waste free so bring your own eating and drinking utensils please.
Andrea, Sue and Brian who have just returned from Salon Gusto/Terra Madre in Turin will have some great stories to tell!
We will picnic under the cherry trees – park in the big car park off Pohutakawa Drive near the roundabout and sunken garden and toilets.
Check out our Facebook page  or email us for more information. 

Come down and buy our beautiful Slow Christmas Decorations!

Why do we work on biodiversity?

Biodiversity is our insurance for the future, because it allows plants and animals to adapt to climate change, unexpected events and attacks from disease and parasites.

Biodiversity is not just wild. The knowledge of farmers has produced thousands of plant varieties and animal breeds that are now at risk of extinction. And traditional knowledge is also part of biodiversity, those skills that make it possible to turn milk, meat, grains, vegetables and fruit into thousands of products: breads, couscous, cheeses, cured meats, preserves, sweets…

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Andrea, Elena and  Sue at Terra Madre in Turin