In October 2014 Fi and Anutosh from Slow Food Waitakere travelled to Turin in Italy to participate in Salon Gusto/ Terra Madre – Slow Food’s biennial conference. 

It was a life changing experience – here is our Terra Madre story.

Our goal was to connect with and understand the big vision and mission of Slow Food and how we can bring it to life in Aotearoa/New Zealand. ( … while acknowledging our group are already doing some great stuff.)

And to get close up and personal with the people who are making it happen – like Jamie Oliver and Tristram Stuart.

We took every opportunity to listen to the great man himself, Slow Food Founder – Carlo Petrini.     A man of vision, heart, compassion and action. And a man with great connections – even the Pope calls him!  

It was great to finally get our heads around “everything” Slow Food. How we are respected leaders and innovators in the fight for a fairer and more sustainable food system. And that we are fighting the battle on many fronts!

We met lots of great people including our friend Moko Morris from Maori Organics (a speaker on the Indigenous Panel), olive oil expert Saverio from Slow Food Umbria (who will visit in 2015) and Matt Golinski, a high  profile chef from Slow Food Noosa (who is keen to support our work). 

Terra Madre was both overwhelming and amazing. To meet the small producers and farmers who are fighting to preserve their way of life and make a living while they do it was very humbling. For the full story you can check out our website

We had 5 days if deliciousness with food and wine from every part of Italy including an amazing seafood lunch at Il Bastimento, just a short walk from our apartment on the river Po. The octopus tentacle in red wine was the winner!

We shared the event with 220,000 visitors and over 3000 delegates for all corners of the globe. It seemed that nearly every school child in Turin attended which was beautiful to see.

The workshops and conference sessions addressed the issues that are impacting our food and our planet and were very interactive. And  the “celebrity” presenters were intent on driving change. 

We did some fun stuff and got down to business in the conference sessions. The sessions were a great mix of information, education and “call to action”. 

The understanding that “urban consumers will determine the future of our food system”  opened our eyes to the power and responsibility that rests with us urbanites.   

Biodiversity took centre stage  and Slow Food is taking action. And action is needed right now with  “man made mass extinctions”  threatening our food supply, food sovereignty and our food and cultural traditions. 

Our Waitakere convivium is onboard – supporting the Ark of Taste and the 10,000 Gardens in Africa biodiversity initiatives.    

We got to meet with the people and communities who are protecting biodiversity one product at a time. And to see hundreds of Ark of Taste products from all over the world!


Slow Food has not brought into the doom and gloom reporting on Africa. Africa can feed itself and our projects are supporting the amazing young leaders who will make it happen. These young people have the ownership of the 10,000 Gardens in Africa projects. 

So we have come back ready for action. 

Ready to launch some great projects and to work with our members and supporters to make them happen. 

Ready to reach out to the world and to do the work in our own backyard.
2015 is going to be a busy and exciting time and there will be lots of opportunities for people to jump and be part of the action – in a big, in a small or in their way.  

Watch this space for whats next or if you can’t wait click here to get in touch ……..   

It really is time to cook up a revolution together!