An exciting moment – Fi and Anutosh with the founder of the Slow Food Movement, Carlo Petrini.

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How many salami does it take to save the planet?

A hell of a lot and before we attended the amazing experience that was Salon Gusto/Terra Madre we didn’t know we needed any!

Inspiration and ActIon!
Sometimes in life you meet people that move and inspire you so much you realise anything is possible. Jamie Oliver said that a couple of days ago after getting to work with our heroes Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food Movement and Alice Waters, the matriarch of Edible Education. And he took the words right out of my mouth!
And his achievements are pretty amazing as well.
The last few days have been about vision and inspiration, having to face the big issues that are challenging us, listening to and meeting amazing people from all over the world who are taking a stand, and understanding that we can make change by a lot of committed people doing their little bit.
Of course we have been eating a whole lot of delicious food and drinking great wine! And in doing so supporting the families and communities that produce it.

So besides Carlo and Alice some of the amazing people we have listened to and/or met have been

  • Woody Tasch, the founder of Slow Money and a passionate advocate for keeping more of our money local.
  • Tristram Stuart, the founder of Feeding the 5000, global waste campaigner and fighter for a fairer and more responsible food supply chain.
  • Don Luigi Ciotti, (the Italian priest who arrived with his body guards) and has taken on the mafia, fighting for their assets (particularly agrarian) and land to be confiscated and returned to the people. The crowd went wild!
  • The young women and men of Africa who against heart stopping odds have taken up the challenge to feed the people and create futures for African youth. Think drought, anarchy, war, rebels, terrorism, starvation and disease including Ebola and malaria. We have a whole new heart for Africa.
So why so many salami?
Because the big issues like protecting biodiversity, feeding the planet, climate change, preserving culture and tradition, creating a fairer society have solutions that lie with the many not the few. And each individual salami speaks to all of this. And none of this lets the big players off the hook!
So after an adventure in Paris we will be home and are looking forward to sharing our experiences and what they mean for Slow Food Waitakere and a our broader communities.
We have some great plans and ideas!

Save the date
Come  and hear all about them at our Aperitivo Italiano event on Sunday, November 30th at 4pm.  Wine. Food. Inspiration.

Carlo Petrini, Alice Waters and Jamie Oliver talk about the importance of food education for children .These three are true food revolutionaries.
We were guests at the Slow Food Pugliia event -and served delicious local sausage and pasta 3 ways.
One of our young African heroes, who are taking up the challenge in Africa in the face of climate change, war, anarchy and disease.
With Aussie chef and Slow Food Noosa member, Matt Golinski. A gastronomic  experience at Ristorante Basimento.