Terra Madre 2010
More than 5,000 representatives from the worldwide Terra Madre network will meet in Turin, Italy for the fourth time this October 21 to 25 – coinciding once again with the international Slow Food fairSalone del Gusto. The five-day meeting will bring together food communities, cooks, academics, youth and musicians from all over the world, who are united in a desire to promote sustainable local food production in harmony with the environment while respecting knowledge handed down over the generations.

A new feature in 2010 will be a focus on cultural and linguistic diversities – in recognition of the need to defend minority ethnic groups and indigenous languages, and with an appreciation of the value of oral traditions and memory. At the opening ceremony, representatives of indigenous communities from all continents across the world will speak to the audience in their native languages.

The second day will be dedicated to examining eight crucial issues for the future of agriculture and the planet (from biodiversity to renewable energies and education to traditional knowledge). On the third day communities will meet in national and regional sessions, while on the fourth day Earth Workshops will be held.

The official closing session of Terra Madre will be marked by the presentation of a program of proposals from the Terra Madre network for a sustainable future.

There will be specific opportunities during the event to receive information, to present projects involving taste education (gardens, canteen projects etc.) or food biodiversity (Presidia and Earth Markets) and to organize Terra Madre Day in your community or country – with the second edition to be held on December 10, 2010 around the world. The Terra Madre youth network will play an important role during the event.


The Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Presentation of the ceremonies which will open and close the 2010 edition of Terra Madre
Sustainability and Food Policies
A policy document from the Advanced School in Sustainability and Food Policies and the Terra Madre food communities
Marco Polo project at Terra Madre
Presentation of the scientific research along the silk road
Youth Food Movement at Terra Madre 2010
Youth and their role in the world meeting of food communities
Education at Terra Madre 2010
List of All Food and Taste Education Activities at Terra Madre 2010
2010 Earth Workshops
Workshops program and links to online forums
Sounds of Terra Madre
Presentation of the participating groups and calendar of the shows