This first term started off how we continued, by eating food from out of the garden. The girls were all surprised at the amount of plants they could eat and add to drinks with many of them eating freshly picked peas for the first time. My best laid plans soon went out the garden gate as the girls expressed their favorite gardening activities which was sowing seeds, planting seedlings and eating. The small worm farm was set up in the third week and had even Prudece (not a worm lover) interested in the way the all squirmed around their new home and learning how to look after them. The girls all worked well towards growing plants from seeds to plant into their big pots and their home gardens. On the few rainy days we made the most of making yummy food in the Ranui community house kitchen and drawing what we had seen out in the garden.
Next term we will be havesting our popping corn, onions, beetroot, carrots, peas and beans and planting our winter crops of brasiccas, root vegies and some more of those really quick bok chow.
I am really proud of the amount the girls achieved in such a short amount of time (approx 2-3 hrs all up) and look forward to seeing their faces when they see what the tiny little plants have grown into.
Thank you to slow food Waitakere , in particular Karen, for the support and providing all of the important items needed for gardening. Thank you to Ranui community house for the use of the kitchen on the two days we were rained out of the garden. Thank you to RAP and the community gardens for being such a great place to grow and learn. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who came and helped especially Yuki.


Photos by Buffie Mawhinney