Ranui Kids Cooking Class

Term 4 has started with enjoying delicious spring foods. For our first class we made fresh strawberry icecream . Lots of beating of eggs and folding of cream , blending of strawberries , filling the room with their wonderful fragrance…until we had huge bowls of light pink cream.[ well scraped and licked!!] Carefully carrying it home and patiently waiting for it to freeze overnight to be devoured the next day. We talked about the pleasure of knowing exactly what ingredients were in our ice cream.
Our second class featured spring vegetables,… Fennel bulb which we sliced thinly and mixed with olive oil and orange slices. We also sauteed some fennel to compare the tastes between raw and cooked. Some kids loved the liquoricey smell and taste , others not so much !!
We steamed asparagus and talked about how it grows. We also discovered the fun of cooking and eating a globe artichoke. And we all experienced the strange sweet after taste that artichoke leaves in your mouth. Both the artichoke and fennel were grown in Oratia.

Mexican Specialities Lunch

A group of 20 Slow Food Waitakere members and friends met to enjoy the distinct flavours of Mexico at Mexican Specialities restaurant in Ellerslie.
Owned by Jose and Maria Carlos de la Macorra, the tiny restaurant is vibrant with colour, Mexican art pieces and a small area with traditional Mexican Foods such as chipoltle [smoked jalapeno] , masa [ lime treated cornmeal used for tortilla and tamales], chile sauces, beans, posole [ white corn] Mexican oregano, chocolates……
We squeezed into a tiny alcove at a long table and sampled burritos with tender spiced beef and avocado, tostadas with shrimp, lime and cilantro, stuffed green chiles, enchiladas with green chile sauce, cactus salad…. the meal was accompanied by fresh juices, very welcome as some of the foods were hotter than the NZ palate is accustomed to!
Jose made fresh cinnamon sugar fried tortilla to finish the meal. He promised that we would never try another doughnut after tasting this light version!