Slow Food Waitakere Gardening Class

After successfully applying for funding from the Massey Community Board, The Slow Food kitchen garden in Marinich Drive, Ranui, is now home to the Slow Food after School Gardening Class, taken by local tutor, Buffie Mawhinney.

The children, aged from 7 – 11, started learning about seeds, dirt and worms.

They were happy with the space they were given as there were already established vegetables there to give them inspiration.

They took over the back part of the Slow Food plot and when I went there today, saw that their carrot seeds had come up and their bok choy had doubled in size. They have made a fabulous frame of manuka branches for their climbing beans to trail over and they are having fun. They have even confessed that they are the ones who are nibbling at the peas in the Slow Food plot. Good for them – it is about tasting fresh things and learning where it comes from. So far, so good – the tutor is doing a great job, the children are having fun, the parents are happy and they are all thrilled to be part of the garden celebration day on December the 5th between 11am and 2pm.

Karen Perri

Photos by Buffie Mawhinney