Rules and Regulations

for Slow Food Waitakere

Full name of the society: Slow Food Waitakere

Affiliated with: Slow Food International

We are a member supported non profit organization, and member of a worldwide network committed to changing the way food is currently produced and delivered.


Slow Food Waitakere is committed to protecting traditional and sustainable quality foods, conserving methods of cultivation, processing and preserving and also defending the biodiversity of cultivated and wild varieties of food.

The development of agriculture relies on the wisdom of local communities in harmony with the ecosystems that surround them.

Slow Food Waitakere believes that food should be good, clean and fair.

Good – tasty, flavoursome and fresh.

Clean – produced without straining the earth’s resources, its ecosystems and without harming human health.

Fair – respectful of social justice – meaning fair pay and conditions for all concerned with growing processing and delivery to the consumer.

We work to:

· Build networks to connect producers to co-producers

· Educate consumers of all ages

· Protect biodiversity

· Protect traditional food practices

The tasks of our Convivium as set by the international Slow Food statute are:

a) to promote the philosophy of the Association;

b) to develop around itself a local network of individuals who share the principles of Slow Food and work for their diffusion; this network is the local community of Slow Food;

c) to extend the Association’s organizational presence by recruiting more members;

d) to establish relationships and collaborations with public bodies, gastronomic associations, protective consortia, producer associations and communication media, in order to contribute to the development of sustainable food systems and awareness about food production;

e) to collaborate with other associations or entities for the protection of the environment and respect for nature, a necessary condition for the safeguarding of gastronomic heritage, as well as the defence and the promotion of traditional knowledge and diverse forms of popular culture;

f) to establish and maintain collaborative and convivial relationships with other Convivia; and

g) to implement activities of promotion and support for the Association’s international and national projects and programs.

Events and activities of Slow Food Waitakere are open to all, free or inexpensive, and aimed at benefitting the local community.

Any income, fundraising, benefit or advantage, must be used to advance the charitable purposes of Slow Food Waitakere.

No member of Slow Food Waitakere or anyone associated with a member is allowed to take part in or influence any decision made by Slow Food Waitakere in respect of payments to, or on behalf of, the member or associated persons, of any income, benefit or advantage. Any payment made to a member of Slow Food Waitakere or person associated with a member, must be for goods or services that advance the purpose of Slow Food Waitakere and will advance the charitable purpose and will be reasonable and relative to payments that would be made between unrelated parties.

Slow Food Waitakere is governed by a management committee of minimum five people. These committee members are elected for a one year term at an annual general meeting. All decisions are made by majority vote.

In the event that Slow Food Waitakere winds up its proceedings – all monies and assets will be distributed solely for charitable purposes. No person will benefit financially from any monies or assets of Slow Food Waitakere.

Slow Food Waitakere has been established and maintained exclusively for charitable purposes and is not carried out for the pecuniary profits of any individual.

The Slow Food Logo is protected by law. Slow Food International has the authority to grant permission for the use of the Slow Food trademark to territorial bodies of the movement and to third parties in accordance with provisions laid down in article 38 Slow Food International statutes.