Photos by Alessandra Zecchini©

Today I have signed the lease for the Slow Food Waitakere plot at the Ranui Community Gardens. The aim of the gardens is to create a leisurely environment through gardening and caring for nature that is fun and stimulating. The garden will be a place where people can make new friends and socialise with different cultures to share food and knowledge.

The objectives:

To promote fruit and vegetable gardening.
To increase fruit and vegetable consumption in Ranui.
To promote natural sustainable gardening, organic gardening and craft using traditional and permaculture principles.
To empower the community through skill development associated with the community garden.
To promote income generating concepts and self reliant projects.
To foster a community-wide inclusiveness and access.
To learn from, accept and respect other cultures in view or their diversities.
For the community garden ti be sustainable, (to keep operating).

Ranui Community Garden Coordinator Emma Cohen

Please contact me at to be part of the Slow Food Waitakere gardening group, or to visit the garden. Only with your support we can get things growing!