The children of Oratia District School made a winter vegetable garden. It rained a lot this winter, but still, look at the harvest!

We took the veggies to the kitchen and we washed them. Then we washed our hands and started to cook. The children tried the broad beans raw and decided that maybe they taste better cooked. Hard work shelling the beans!

Some beans were too small so we had them whole.

We decided to make a dip. The children peeled and tasted some garlic. After tasting the garlic they thought that it was quite spicy, and so they decided to put very little garlic in the dip. We cooked the beans and left the garlic raw.

The Broad Bean and Garlic dip with olive oil, salt and pepper!

Then we had broccoli, cauliflower, silver beets and carrots to cook. We boiled them separately. The carrots were good with the dip. As the children worked they kept all the scraps for the worm farm. Yummy scraps and zero waste!

The children tried the broccoli and the cauliflower, first without dressing, then with dressing.

They decided that the vegetables tasted better with dressing.

For dressing we used lemon juice and soy sauce for the broccoli, and olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar for the cauliflower. Some children didn’t want to taste the vegetables at first, but I gave them a very tiny piece. It was so small that they felt like trying it. After that they said that they like it and wanted some more! They all had a little plate and ate their food.

Thank you to Pam Thomas, Kathy Wadsworth and all the staff at Oratia District School for the great support, and thank you to the 7, 8 and 9 years old gardening managers of the Oratia School Enviro Group.

We are now waiting for the spring vegetables to be ready!