Dear Friend,

Slow Food begins with each of us, in the hearts and heads (and stomachs) of responsible gastronomes, and has grown thanks to the momentum of our highly active convivia. We are nothing without our members!Together we are achieving a great deal, yet we still have much to accomplish, to discuss, to dream about and to savor in encouraging a new type of agriculture respectful of the environment, of human beings and of taste… good, clean and fair!As of this year, a Green option is now available for members who prefer to receive publications in electronic format, while the Sustainer membership category has been created for those who wish to increase their contribution. Member publications have also been revised in 2008: in place of the international Slow magazine, you will receive the Slow Food Almanac, a vibrant volume recounting our year of activity, as well as Slow Food Times, a monthly electronic update of convivia news from around the world. To renew with Slow Food today, please download this membership form and contact your local convivium. You will find their contact information here by selecting your country . Alternatively, click here to join online.
I hope you will take the opportunityto stay with us!

Thank you.

Carlo Petrini
International President